It's a Suggestion Box on Steroids!

Empower your Employees, Recognise and Reward Innovation.

Get Revenue Generating Ideas from the Front Line of your Business.

"Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas"
Floyd Price, Component Workshop Ltd

Companies all over the world are starting to appreciate the wonderful opportunities that are available by engaging their most valuable and knowledgeable asset, their Employees!

Engage Your Employees

Everyday your employees are making business decisions, interacting with customers, designing your next products, BrightSpark enables you to harness this invaluable resource.

Be it a Eureka moment or a seemingly simple idea that could in fact double revenue overnight.

Without BrightSpark these ideas get lost or even worse, not discovered at all!

A Culture of Innovation

BrightSpark assists in promoting a culture of openness and sharing, by providing valuable recognition to idea creators and contributors.

Give your employees an opportunity to share their Ideas, in an open and transparent way, with the credit and recognition they deserve.

Many companies have layers of management that can discourage openness and sharing of ideas, BrightSpark breaks down these barriers.

Ideas Make a Difference

It's usually the simple one's that make a difference, but every now and then a great big one comes out of nowhere and changes everything.

Can you really afford to leave this to chance? Let BrightSpark manage your Idea capture process allowing you to concentrate on implementation.

BrightSpark allows you to create targeted idea campaigns, be it Revenue Generation or Employee Productivity, BrightSpark has got you covered.

"Capturing and cultivating great ideas... Priceless!"